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Food grade EPDM sheet delivery

Our factory in China received the customer's order on 16th September 2021 to purchase food-grade EPDM (FDA 21CFR177.2600) sheets, 147 sheets of 1.2m*4.5m*6mm, and requested that the production be completed before the China National Day on 1st October and sent to the designated warehouse to catch up with the customer's shipping schedule.

In 2 weeks, they arranged sample testing on the one hand, and organized material preparation before production on the other hand. After a week, the samples passed the SGS laboratory test and issued a test report (see the picture below). They worked overtime for the remaining week to deliver the products to the customer warehouse in advance. Although there are many difficulties i in the process, but through our efforts, they have realized our commitment to customers, which is more important than anything else.



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