Drinking Water Requirements
The supplier of FDA approved sealing products to water industry.
Classification Society Requirements
We can supply a wide range of classification society certified gaskets and hoses to shipyard customers.
Our Products
  • Non-Metallic Gasket
    High performance non-asbestos compressed fiber sheet and various rubber sealing products designed to cover non-metallic sealing applications.
  • (Semi)Metallic Gasket
    (Semi) metal gaskets specially designed for high temperature and high pressure. A series of special metal materials are provided to meet the requirements of working conditions.
  • Expended Graphite Product
    Various forms of expanded graphite products. Different grades of graphite meets the corresponding high temperature working conditions.
  • PTFE Series Products
    Teflon products have excellent chemical resistance and excellent sealing properties, and are widely used in the fields of food, medicine and chemical industry.
  • Packing
    Packing is widely used in pumps, valves, plungers and other equipment. It also plays a sealing role in the cargo cover of chemical tankers.
  • Supporting Products
    A mature and complete supply chain system ensures stable supply and quality assurance of supporting products.
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